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RSV’s Los Carneros Pinot Noir is dear to my heart. It encompasses all of the unique characteristics that our vineyards bring to the wine. It is expansive and welcoming soon after release yet possesses enough stuffing to last a good long while. It is a pleasure to cook for this Pinot Noir and chanterelle rillettes have enough richness to meet the brightness and freshness of the wine.

Chanterelles are available late summer through fall. They are a real treat for the cook and dinner guest alike. These rillettes gain flavor as they rest under their delicate cap of butter, so make them a day or two ahead of serving.

Spread the word: the next vintage of Los Carneros Pinot Noir has been released to the world, and it’s packing a side of rillettes.

Until the Next Wine….

EAT: Chanterelle Mushroom Rillettes