RSV bought a farm!

Though we sold the Stags Leap District property, we did not sell the vineyards or the brand. Nothing will change in the near term. We will be open normal hours except for a winter vacation. Come July, if all goes according to plan, we will move into our new “compound” in the Carneros region. It will be an integrated, regenerative farm with goats, cattle, horses, sheep, vineyard, apple and peach orchards, gardens, greenhouse, barns, ceramics studio, wood shop, kitchens and more.

A lot of work lies ahead to bring this to reality. The compound needs a complete rehab and the orchards and farm have been neglected and permits will need to be issued but when it is all done, we will have a big party to celebrate.

Please stick with us through this transition. We have ideas for new wines, farm produce and culinary experiences, all born and inspired by the farm. In the mean time, please come visit so we can toast this exciting new chapter together.

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