Regeneratively Farmed Since 1991…
before there was a name for it!

Can we truly partner with nature so we both can thrive?

“I am a reluctant activist. Though it was never enough to just make and sell a product, all I ever wanted for RSVnapa was to have a sense of purpose while we farmed and made a wine that spoke for itself. We needed to feel we were doing the “right” thing; that we stood for something; that we were conscientious of the potential damage modern farming does to the environment and that we would do everything possible to heal an ailing earth.” Rob Sinskey


Regenerative farming is like giving the Earth a big hug while growing crops. Instead of just taking from the soil, it’s about giving back too. Since the early ’90s, RSVnapa has been using beneficial agriculture practices to encourage natural processes to help our soil get better. By taking care of the soil and surrounding environment, regenerative wine farming can produce better-tasting grapes while being kinder to the planet.

We make the wines we like to drink

A great wine needs to be not only elegant, balanced and understated, but also grown in a way that respects the land and the earth.

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