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Join WineCrafter, Jeff Virnig in the Virtual Realm.

Line up your wine glasses and experience the subtleties of terroir, as RSV’s Winecrafter leads you through a horizontal tasting of 2016 Perfect Circle Pinot Noir: The Three Amigos Vineyard, The Capa Vineyard and The Four Vineyards.

Every vineyard and every growing season creates a wine with a personality born of the elements. Of all grape varieties, Pinot Noir is a particularly impressionable and expressive variety whose character is sculpted by heat summation, modified by weather anomalies, and defined by timing, making Pinot Noir the ideal conduit for channeling the essence of vineyard and vintage into a bottle. RSV’s Perfect Circle Pinot Noirs are a culmination of 40 years of working with the rhythms of nature, learning the eccentricities of the grape and discovering how the two interact with place.

Virtual Tasting Dates with RSV WineCrafter, Jeff Virnig

Friday, January 14, 2022 – 5:00pm PST

Friday, January 21, 2022 – 5:00pm PST

After your order, RESERVE YOUR SPOT. Space is limited!

THE WINECRAFTER – Jeff Virnig joined RSV in 1988 as an assistant winemaker before becoming one of the youngest winemakers in Napa Valley in 1991. He has been integral  in all aspects of RSV including developing most of RSV’s vineyards. His emphasis has been on improving wine quality by helping the vine achieve a natural balance through soil building with organic regenerative farm methodology. Jeff picks and keeps the various ranch blocks separate during fermentation so they may be evaluated for their unique, subtle attributes. The separate lots allow flexibility in that Jeff can apply different fermentation techniques to each lot to accentuate that lot’s individual character. His attention to detail has greatly contributed to the quality and consistency of RSV wines.



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