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The last of the “normal” vintages before “fire season” became an annual event. The 2016 vintage was ideal for Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon from RSV’s organically farmed vineyards on the “Right Bank of Napa Valley,” aka the Northern Carneros. Near flawless growing conditions offered elongated hang time due to the mild weather in July and August. The POV was selected from 15 individually fermented lots; the harvest of these started on September 13th and ran to October 11th.  As a comparison, the 2015 vintage started on September 11th and ran to September 29th.  The elongated hang time of 2016 softened tannins and optimized fruit characteristics.

Photos by Rob Sinskey: Each vintage features three unique images.

An Evolving POV!

From our point of view, a fine wine (or any agricultural product) shouldn’t hurt your palate or the planet.


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Aromatic Beauty

When I cook beautifully scented Persian food, like this rice dish, I get excited to pair it with POV.



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