The “O.V.G.”…
The Original Vin Gris!

RSV has been crafting this beautiful, elegant rosé for over thirty years. The goal from the beginning, as it still is today, is to make the most elegant, pure and exiting wine from prime Pinot Noir grown on the organically-farmed “Carneros estate” vineyards. Grow it well and try not to “eff” it up… we are convinced that you can only make great rosé from great grapes, handled with respect and no manipulation. We’ve found that a well crafted wine is not only delicious at release but will continue to evolve for years. When this Vin Gris of Pinot Noir was first made in 1991, it was unique to Napa in that it was fermented dry with a pale salmon color at a time when the most popular rosés here were sweet and deep pink, or even red. We believed these confections were not realizing the full potential of Napa rosé and we all deserved something better. If this wine puts a smile on your face, we’ve achieved our goal.

The Inside Track

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