Break the Shackles

Meals with Cabernet Sauvignon can get stuffy. I find they lean toward steaks, roasts and rack of lamb. I am guilty of this too, which is why I’m trying to mix things up with the unexpected. If there is one wine that can handle the unexpected, it is the RSV SLD Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s light on its feet with brightness and acidity but still packed to the core with great structure and flavors that embrace brambly fruit, cassis and dried herbs.

Rather than serve a formal meal I’m opting for the fun of Raclette. Wines for Raclette usually lean towards white and light reds but when you add earthy mushrooms it starts to move towards Cabernet Sauvignon territory. Think of the best grilled cheese ever – freed from the shackles of bread. If you want to pump it up a bit, add some thinly sliced flank steak or sliced meats such as Bresaola or Lonza.

What’s more, it’s fun for everyone… including the cook.

Until the Next Wine….

EAT: Raclette