The Ethereal Lightness of Being

Don’t pigeonhole RSV’s Pinot Gris Late as just another dessert wine. That would be a huge mistake. This wine has far more breadth than a wine solely designated for the last course. Pinot Gris Late soars with a nice piece of cheese; be it goat, sheep or cows’ milk. This wine performs gracefully whenever it is put to the test. Blue cheese, no sweat. A stinky washed rind or white molded goat, no problem. Black pepper crusted foie gras or duck with a nice bit of roasted quince, divine.

You can drink Pinot Gris Late in place of dessert if you desire something lightly sweet and fresh with zero fat. It’s a wonderful way to end a meal and refresh your taste buds. The Pinot Gris grapes we grow for this wine are not ripened to within an inch of their lives so they retain their natural acidity, which makes Pinot Gris Late refreshing instead of cloying. The desire is to make a wine that is ethereal, with a kiss of sweetness – not heavy and sticky.

If you do decide to pair Pinot Gris Late with dessert, seek one out with a modicum of sweetness like this Basque-style Japanese cheesecake. It brings out the best of the Pinot Gris Late. For a pop of sweet, drizzle with maple or green walnut syrup. Just a drizzle though, otherwise you will drown the delicate flavors of the cake and the wine.

This cheesecake is irresistible like the Pinot Gris Late. Once you’ve taken the first bite, it’s hard not to go back for another, and another.

Until the Next Wine….

EAT: Basque-style Japanese Cheesecake