Too Much. Too Fast. Too Soon.

Hope springs from the zucchini seeds I plant in May. I dream about the dishes I’ll make from the fruit these plants will bear in a few short months.

In mid-July, reality hits. The six plants that sprung from those carefully planted seeds are loaded with zucchini some the size of baseball bats. That’s when the anxiety to put them to use goes into overdrive. You can only give away so many before the market for free zucchini becomes saturated.

I have a quiver of recipes in my bag suited for overgrown zucchini. The big ones are quite delicious once the spongy seed lines are removed with a spoon. This zucchini gratin recipe, scented with Svanetian salt, will use up 1 to 2 of these monsters.

Svanetian salt comes from the Svaneti region in the mountainous north-western part of Georgia where its unique fragrance and taste is used to flavor meat, fish and potato dishes. Like potatoes, meaty sliced zucchini is the perfect vehicle to carry this scented salt.

This fragrant salt is also a delicious match for RSV’s Muscat. Our dry Muscat has a beautiful texture that carries its floral and citrus overtones beautifully. These characteristics meld seamlessly with the Georgian spices. The heady fragrance in both the wine and food fill me with joy and make me forget for a moment about the dozen or so behemoth zucchini waiting for me in the garden.

Until the Next Wine….

EAT: Georgian-spiced Zucchini Gratin