Sweet. Spicy. Tangy.

Every time I taste a new vintage of Commander Zinskey, I reach into my quiver of recipes and grab the one that encompasses a nuanced balance of sweet, spicy and tangy. I say “balanced” because too sweet would make the Commander weak in the knees. Too tangy would make him pucker and too much spice would be like Kryptonite. The Commander may seem powerful on the outside but inside, he is an aesthete seeking harmony.

Make the BBQ sauce with plums you’ve left on the counter just a little too long. Santa Rosa plums, who have a fleeting visit in late spring and early summer, are ideal but any juicy ripe plum is fine. If you need a little more acid in your sauce add a few extra drops of vinegar to taste.

The Commander is known for taking flavors and textures to new heights. This recipe will make him soar.

Until the Next Wine…

EAT: Sticky Ribs with Tangy Plum BBQ Sauce