The Mission:

To advance medical science and improve the quality of medical care throughout the world by supporting education, scholarship, medical and scientific research and clinical activities.

Western medicine can bridge the divide between human health and agriculture for the benefit of all living things. Education is our primary weapon in fighting climate change induced health issues and we are going to make a stand. The Robert M. Sinskey Foundation is partnering with the Rodale Institute, The Plantician Project and The Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation to sponsor a conference to educate those who are in the best position to make a difference – medical doctors.

This October, “The Regenerative Healthcare Conference,” will be hosted at Rodale Institute’s headquarters in Kurtztown, Pennsylvania, to build upon the concept of “regenerative healthcare” introduced in the Institute’s 2020 white paper, The Power of the Plate: The Case for Regenerative Organic Agriculture in Improving Human Health, in which farming and healthcare work together to create a prevention-based approach to human and environmental health.

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