Digging in the Dirt

People swoon over black truffles. I swoon over black trumpet mushrooms! They have the earthy, soft mushroom notes of black truffles and, when chopped finely, resemble truffles in a dish of risotto or pasta. I call black trumpets the poor person’s truffle since they have the je ne sais quoi of a truffle with the intensity of a wild mushroom. Black trumpets are a beautiful thing.

Pairing mushrooms with Pinot Noir is a no-brainer. It is a revered and delightful historical pairing. The umami earthy notes of the mushrooms are perfectly in sync with the slight forest floor notes of RSV’s Four Vineyard Pinot Noir. What the Four Vineyards delivers on top of all that is beautiful sour cherry and plum fruit with a hint of soft red berry and bright acidity that’s tops it all off and brings everything together in a pile of delicious goodness. It doesn’t get any better!

Until the Next Wine….

EAT: Black Trumpet Mushroom Risotto