What Lies Beneath

It’s no lie. RSV’s Pinot Blanc is immensely quaffable. There’s something about that first sip that draws you in. Perhaps it’s the vivacious flavors of citrus, almond and green melon with a hint of yellow apple or maybe it’s the richness that you feel on your tongue in the middle of your mouth with a refreshing and memorable zip of acidity that gives you an insatiable desire to take a bite of food and another sip. I don’t know exactly what it is that draws me back time and again to our Pinot Blanc when I’m selecting a wine for a vegetable dish, salad or a nice wedge of funky cheese. There is so much more to this wine than is first revealed. Its true character shows in what lies beneath, the subtleties that bubble to the surface as the wine relaxes in the glass and opens up to its full glory. This depth is what makes it so incredible with this simple but subtlety complex cauliflower dish – which I could eat every day for a week… it’s that addictive.

The secret is mustard seed oil. It has been long used in India to lend an indescribable taste to many dishes. Once you taste it, you won’t forget it. Its subtle heat lifts ingredients to the next level. And like many dishes that might be puzzling to pair with a wine, it sings delightfully with RSV’s Pinot Blanc.

Until the next wine…

EAT: Aromatic Cauliflower with Mustard Seed Oil