The Art of Making

The sign of a good dumpling shop is a long line out the door and down the block. The reward of waiting patiently in the queue is a tray of hot juicy dumplings. Served straight from the steamer, they will be scarfed down in minutes with joyful satisfaction. Many people don’t realize the labor and handiwork that goes into making superlative dumplings. The ones that rise above have a perfect balance of texture and seasoning. Pleating a potsticker plumped with filling is not easy. Pumping enough out within an hour to make the price feasible requires a maker with amazing dexterity and an eye for detail. The dumplings, usually made by women, are beautiful and delicious.

For both dumplings and Pinot Noir, it is the art of making that makes them special. The Capa Vineyard Pinot Noir is the result of the tireless handiwork of many people that shepherd the grape from the vineyard to the cellar to your table. A good Pinot Noir springs from the hands of those who know how to handle it gently to achieve the perfect balance of texture, aromas and flavor. While dumplings are meant to be consumed shortly after the moment of making, a good Pinot Noir needs time to rest and develop its nuances.

Pinot Noir and Shumai has the shared art of making. The juicy chicken and umami from the shiitake are harmonious with the Pinot Noir produced on our Capa Vineyard. Have fun making the dumplings and keep in mind that they don’t have to be perfect. Sometimes a little imperfection makes everything perfect.

Until the Next Wine…

EAT: Chicken Shumai