Sauce vs. Gravy

The battle continues over whether to call tomato sauce a sauce or a gravy, particularly on the East Coast . The name gravy never made sense to me. In my family gravy was strictly limited to the delicious meat enhanced liquid gold that was poured over sliced meat or mashed potatoes. When I first heard the term gravy instead of sauce, I couldn’t stop laughing. The person on the receiving end didn’t think it was funny and a fight ensued. Not a battle of the fists, but of tradition. In the end, the line was clearly drawn with each of us on our own side; never to be swayed.

This is the simplest of tomato sauces paired with my favorite meatball recipe. Toss the sauce with your favorite pasta and you have a hearty family style meal. Both recipes can be easily scaled up to feed a crowd which is how I like to roll. A magnum of Libration Red makes everything roll even easier. It’s the perfect wine for red sauce and meatballs. Libration’s bright plum and dried herb aromas and flavors make it a seamless match. 

Leftover sauce and tomatoes can be frozen for a later feast. Both get better as they sit. It allows the flavors to soak in. Maybe that’s the gravy on top!

Until the Next Wine…. Maria

EAT: Best Ever Meatballs with Simple Tomato Sauce