Of the Sea

Hamachi, or yellowtail, is a member of the jack fish family and not a tuna as commonly assumed. It is firm-fleshed, delicate and buttery; attributes that marry well with salt and brine. The coveted belly is rich and fatty, and crisps up nicely when grilled over high heat. Pair it with a bright sauce of capers and sweet tomatoes for a winning combination.

The crisp salinity of Orgia reminds me of the sea. I think this is the reason so many sea creatures are a wonderful match with this wine. If you can’t find Hamachi, use another firm white-fleshed fish such as Turbot or Halibut, or go totally wild and serve it with seared scallops, shrimp or crab. You can use the same “sauce” as follows as a dressing for all. The Orgia will stand up to any salt-water combo you throw at it.

Until the Next Wine….

EAT: Grilled Hamachi Belly with Capers and Tomatoes