Do Electric Tractors Dream of Androidal Sheep?

A Brave New Gris!

Today, everything changes! We have just taken delivery of two Monarch electric tractors. No longer do we, or our vineyard crew, have to put up with diesel fumes or chugging engine noise. It’s a brave new world and we can’t wait to complete our zero net carbon future.

The new Wilding Farm is our back-to-the-future experiment that will utilize the old school methods of diversified, organic, biodynamic and regenerative farming techniques while embracing bleeding edge technology that will help us reduce our footprint while improving the soil and natural habitat.

In addition to the electric tractors, solar will run the entire farm and not only power the tractors but the offices, electric trucks, vehicles and other farm implements like mowers, trimmers and work bikes.The old buildings on the property that include a 1906 barn, houses, workshops, art studio, offices and a prune drying barn from the 1930’s – 1950’s will be restored using reclaimed products and environmentally sound products like hemp insulation to create a healthy and energy efficient workplace. Animals (sheep, goats, cattle, horses and chickens) will reduce the need for mechanized farming while improving the health and tilth of the soil. It is a work in progress that will never be complete.

Rob Sinskey

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