Aromatic Romance

The flavors of Pinot Gris are enchanting. A good Pinot Gris has heady aromas of ripe Bosc pear, ginger and white citrus blossom that slowly reveal themselves in the glass over time. Pinot Gris has an amazing capacity to ripen and still retain fresh acidity when attentively grown in the right soil and climate like in our organically farmed Three Amigos and Scintilla Sonoma Vineyards.

When I am thinking of a recipe for our Pinot Gris, the ginger notes lead me to Asian flavors of ginger, soy and scallions. The ginger in miso paste gives a lift to the delicate flavors of the fish and marries beautifully with the wine. It’s a very pleasurable match.

If you can’t find Arctic char, substitute Coho salmon or red trout. The miso paste also works well with white flaky fish such as cod or halibut. I added the cabbage because, if you’re going to buy a tub or two of miso paste, you might as well use it up. Try the versatile miso paste with leeks, eggplant or asparagus.

Until the Next Wine…

EAT: Miso-roasted Arctic Char

EAT: Miso Butter-roasted Cabbage