D.W.Y.F. (Dip With Your Fingers)

Let me state the obvious – wine can be filled with a lot of pretentiousness and a formal dinner can make it seem even more so. When I feed a crowd, I like to have food that is interactive; which, in turn, makes my guests interact and sets the tone for the evening. 

Marcien, at first glance and taste, is a very serious wine that deserves respect. You can read about its wonder and beauty in the tasting notes; but after that first sip, it’s ready to party with these panisse – a perfect food for all who like a delicious bite while enjoying a wine that keeps on giving to the last drop.

The olivey goodness of the tapenade is a perfect foil for the dried herb, bayleaf notes of the Marcien and also its deep plum and sour cherry nuances. We have to remember that olives are fruit too. We often taste its fruitiness in the oil we press from them so when you choose an olive oil for this recipe, choose a good one that reflects its fruitiness but also has some pepperiness. I find it brings out a lot of hidden notes in a wine like Marcien.

That’s all for now. Feed a crowd. Feed your soul. Panisse on earth.

Until the Next Wine…

EAT: Panisse with Tapenade