Like many of the delicious things we eat, pâté was born out of the need to preserve highly perishable items. When a farmer slaughtered a whole pig or flock of ducks way back in the old days, he couldn’t just hang them in the refrigerator but he could enjoy them for weeks or in some cases many months by salting, cooking and preserving them in their fat. I worked for a French chef that never refrigerated his duck confit. He left it on the counter buried in fat. For each order, we had to dig into the fat with a spoon, pull out a leg and then carefully rebury any legs that may have been dislodged by our rooting. I don’t think we ever killed anyone, but that was before the internet… so who knows?

Fatty, salty things taste good.  This pâté is one of those tasty foods. It’s packed with flavor and is perfect for a light lunch with toasted bread, mustard and pickled things. If you’re not up to a spread, slice it thinly and eat it plain. It makes a delicious, delicately spiced accompaniment to Pinot Noir especially when joined with unctuous, potted mushrooms, slowly roasted and preserved in the olive oil they were cooked in. The fat in the pâté surrounds and amplifies its delicious duckiness that quickly seduces the Aries Pinot Noir. The mushrooms add a rich earthiness that has a natural affinity for the vibrant, mouth-watering nature of the wine. A little slice of pâté, a forkful of mushrooms, a sip of Pinot, and you’ll soon be on your way preservation bliss.

We don’t make Aries often, but when we do, we have a deep appreciation for its uniqueness. You might say each vintage of Aries is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Until the Next Wine….   


EAT: Duck Pâté