The Struggle is Real

It takes a special wine to match with all the elements in salad, particularly wine’s hell-ish cousin, vinegar. For a time, sommeliers looked at Gruner Veltliner to do the heavy lifting but it eventually got tired and moved to the back of the line. Chefs tried vinegar’s wimpy sibling verjus (the high acid juice from underripe grapes) to make salad more appealing with wine but its wimpiness didn’t further the cause.

This salad : wine thing is a problem. I love salad. Sometimes that’s all I want to eat for lunch or dinner and I want to drink a wine that goes swimmingly well with it.  Abraxas, the magical wine that solves everything, fixes the problem.

The salad that follows was designed to blend harmoniously with all that Abraxas brings to the table. It is a wine with ethereal fruit, vivacious acidity and a penchant for salt, vinegar and smoky bits like bacon. This salad is crunchy, salty, sweet and savory with the beautiful perfume of dill and tarragon. A real crowd pleaser, just like Abraxas. 

If you don’t want salad, throw everything on two slices of toasted bread and make yourself a mind-blowing, amped up version of a BLT.

Until the Next Wine…