The Dance

RSV’s Blanc is far-reaching. It has an ability to dance with many dishes that would trip over other wines. Hit it with spice, sweetness, salt or tang and it just two steps on through – no problem.

The elegant fruitiness of the wine, think apple, citrus and melon, give it the perception of sweetness; of which it has none. It is bone dry, yet the fruitiness allows it to shine with dishes that have salty, spicy and/or sweet elements. It can even cut in and dance nicely with ginger, a difficult partner for many wines.

And the finish… this dish hits your mouth with a never ending tsunami of flavor. Blanc struts right on through and lifts your palate above the intense flavors of the hoisin sauce and provides a bright crisp finish that invites you to take another forkful of shrimp and broccoli. It makes a brilliant combo.

Take a sip, a bite and dance with Blanc; the white wine that makes a mighty fine partner at the table.

Until the Next Wine…. Maria

EAT: Shrimp and Broccoli in Hoisin Sauce