Sublime Sesame

The flavor of sesame is sublime with Pinot Noir. It’s a match for the ages that can be delivered with a sesame dusted cracker topped with a bit of cheese, a bowl of tahini-slicked noodles or these brightly flavored, rice paper wrapped dumplings scented with sesame oil.

While some may look at the spices in this recipe and reach for a white wine, RSV’s Four Vineyards Pinot Noir’s soft berry and plummy fruit hold up beautifully to the ginger, black pepper and jalapeño in this dish. The wine’s perfumed aromas of baking spice and violets meld seamlessly with these flavors. The fine, supple tannins of Pinot Noir support this eclectic mix without interference. A hint of earth in the wine enjoys the ride with the juicy umami of shiitake mushrooms and contrasts beautifully with the melting sweetness of finely shredded cabbage and carrots. 

Go ahead. Roll a few today.

Until the Next Wine….

EAT: Rice Paper Dumplings