Marcien leaves me speechless. The wine is fresh and elegant despite 5-8 years in the bottle before release. The beautiful fruit comes into focus with the support of a modicum of spice from the two years of barrel age. Its bright, natural acidity provides a framework to keep it moving through its evolution without falling apart. This grace comes from careful attention in the vineyards and hands off winemaking that lets the terroir shine through. Its pure mastery in the glass is best exhibited at the table where Marcien’s versatility with food is unbounded.

I like to keep things simple. You can’t get much simpler than a pan-roasted duck breast accompanied by richly decadent fondant potatoes. These potatoes are coming back into fashion after being long-forgotten. What’s old has become new again and much appreciated by our taste buds.

The duck breast is simply prepared. The skin and fat are scored to help with crispness. A little salt, pepper and time in a hot pan will yield an exquisite bird to serve alongside the potatoes. Marcien will be there to wash it all down and freshen your palate between each and every bite.

A simple meal and an elegant wine, both are dependent on carefully grown and raised ingredients that fall together harmoniously for a winning combination.

Until the Next Wine…

EAT: Roast Duck Breast

EAT: Fondant Potatoes