So Misunderstood

Oh Merlot! So maligned and misunderstood. It’s a shame because a well-made merlot is magnificent on its own and it makes a spectacular companion to a nice meal. Merlot is a thin-skinned grape that’s sensitive to manipulation and over-processing. It has nuanced aromas and flavors that can be drowned out by careless or heavy handed winemaking. Careful attention in the vineyard and the cellar is what makes RSV’s Merlot vibrant and distinctive. Optimum ripeness at harvest lends beautiful notes of dried herb and capsicum balanced by dark sour cherry and plum fruit. Silky tannins and just enough fine French oak provide a beautiful structure on which to overlay the classic flavors and aromas of RSV’s Merlot.

This lasagna is not a shy dish. It is packed with umami richness that, when paired with this bright merlot, pops and lifts your palate with each luscious bite. The way a good wine should.

Until the next good wine….

EAT: Golden Crusted Baked Lasagna