Pure and Simple Umami

Something about the umami found in mushrooms and seaweed, both glutamate rich, are perfect with Pinot Noir. If you’re enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir with a meal, more often than not, there’s usually a mushroom lurking in one of the dishes accompanying your wine. Asian-influenced dishes that combine mushrooms and seaweed connect beautifully with Pinot Noir in glorious ways – especially RSV’s Los Carneros bottling. These ingredients have that perfect something that makes Pinot Noir sing.

This recipe lets the delicate flavor of the mushroom shine through while the sesame oil drizzled lightly at the end sends it all home. If you’ve been an RSV wineclub member for long, you know my blissful thoughts of sesame and Pinot Noir together. The sour plum in the furikake, sprinkled on rice, brings out the fruitiness of the wine while the seaweed adds additional umami to tie everything up in a delicious little box.

This is a wonderfully simple dish that shows off the magical mix of umami and well-crafted Pinot Noir. The hardest part is scoring the mushrooms.

Until the Next Wine….

EAT: Roasted Trumpet Mushrooms with Furikake Rice