Pink Rebellion…

a return to classicism!

It started out as a protest. The New World was being overrun by insipidly sweet pink libations in the late 1980’s through the ’90’s. Some even called their wines “white” as in White Zin, but we also saw White Merlot and other “white” versions of red varieties that were clearly pink. Something needed to be done to save the reputation of New World rosé and Napa wine in general. We accepted the risky mission.

The goal: a classically styled, dry rosé from RSV’s top quality, organically farmed Pinot Noir grapes as a protest against the sweet, afterthought of a wine that was being passed off as rosé. We night harvested, whole cluster pressed and then cool fermented heirloom and French clones of Pinot Noir from our Carneros vineyards to create an aromatically beautiful, crisp rosé that played well with your favorite foods. Though it took ten years to catch on while people weened themselves from sweet libations throughout the ’90’s, it has been RSV’s fastest selling wine since, with a cadre of chefs and civilians who count it on their short list of favorite wines. We couldn’t agree more.

Rob Sinskey