The following is a recent example of the bites and wines included in the Root to Table experience.
Menu is subject to change due to the seasonal availability of ingredients.



Parmesan and Black Pepper Shortbread

Autumn Garden Tartlet

Pigs in a Blanket with Japanese Kurobuta Sausage

RSV Garden Eggplant & Chickpea Spread, Tahini, Garden Herbs

Zucchini Cake with Herbed Labneh

Pimento Cheese Stuffed Gougère

Olympia Provisions Saucisson D’arles

SLD Estate Persimmon

Garden Bread & Butter Pickles

Olive Oil Roasted Organic Almonds with Garden Herbs & Sea Salt

Aged Fiscalini Cheddar & Nigella Seed Crackers

Focaccia Crisps


Abraxas, Vin de Terroir
Scintilla Sonoma Vineyard
Los Carneros 2017

Orgia, Los Carneros 2016

Pinot Noir, Los Carneros, Napa Valley 2016

Pinot Noir, Four Vineyards
Los Carneros, Napa Valley 2015

Merlot, Los Carneros, Napa Valley 2014

Marcien, Proprietary Red
Los Carneros, Napa Valley 2013


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