• Robert Sinskey Vineyards has sold its winery real estate, not the vineyards, to the Wonderful Company.
  • The brand, inventory and vineyards will be retained by the Sinskey family.
  • The Sinskey family will lease back the winery until a new facility is established and will continue business as usual, including wine production, for the next few years.
  • Plans are in the works to develop an integrated farm, vineyard and winery in the Carneros.

Robert Sinskey Vineyards may have sold its Stags Leap District property but it bought a Carneros farm!

It’s in the name: Robert Sinskey Vineyards – not winery, not cellars but vineyards. RSVnapa has been and will continue to be dedicated to the land with the philosophy that fine wine shouldn’t hurt your palate or the planet. RSVnapa began as grape growers in 1982 and transitioned its five Carneros vineyards to organic and biodynamic methodology starting in 1991.

The Sinskey family has been dedicated to the agrarian concept that food and wine grown together retain a natural harmony at the table that expresses the terroir of the garden and the vineyard. They introduced sheep, planted trees and hedgerows, constructed owl, bat and bird boxes, as well as raptor perches, with an intense focus on biodiversity and soil health. In 1988, RSVnapa built a winery that powers mostly from solar, and reclaims its water through engineered wetlands that, in turn, feed an edible landscape.

However, the winery does not define Robert Sinskey Vineyards; ideas do. The Sinskey family has had a dream of creating the ultimate agrarian village with a mix of fruit orchards, gardens, farm animals, wildlife and vines – to create a compound where creativity thrives. It is time to celebrate life in all its forms; to take the farm to the next level and help heal an ailing earth with a revitalized point of view. The farmstead will evolve into an incubator of progressive ideas to farm better, continue to craft expressive wines with a sense of place and grow produce packed with flavor and nutrients by celebrating the microbe, the fungi, the farm animals and the rhythms of nature to foster a positive impact on the planet; to do their part to undo the damage done by past neglect and create sustenance of beauty and deliciousness.

RSVnapa will be consolidating where it all began, in the relatively cool Carneros where the Sinskey family can produce elegant, cuisine oriented wines, grow and raise produce and protein, husband wildlife and have a good time doing it. New projects are on the horizon that will slowly be revealed over the coming months and years. It is a work in progress.

“It’s difficult to embrace change after so many years but it is time to pursue our dreams. We have always wanted to create a diverse farm in one location. The sale of the winery property will provide us with the financial resources to make it happen.”

Rob Sinskey 

Check out the latest info and images of  “Wilding Farm” in the Carneros region of Napa. A work in progress…

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