Spice is Nice

I look forward to the release of the Vin Gris every year. It is a true shapeshifter that takes its color, weight and aromatics from the place where it’s grown and the vintage. Vin Gris’s reflective nature on the idiosyncrasies of the vintage is something I anticipate each year and what delights me on my first sip of the new vintage. RSV’s Vin Gris is not a “cookie-cutter” rose; that’s why it is so exciting. We know it will always be delicious; an attribute deeply ingrained in its pedigree. The Vin Gris is free-spirited wine and as such goes with a multitude of tasty things to eat. This shrimp and fideo dish is one of them.

The fideo has just a modicum of spice which is a nice foil for the exuberance of the Vin Gris. You can certainly add more if you like but I prefer to add just a little to the fideo for a bit of zip. The juicy fat shrimp don’t normally rush to be matched with Pinot Noir but they’re right in the pocket with this rose. Perhaps it’s just that Vin Gris magic shining through.

Share the bottle and dish with your pod and have fun. Fideo makes great leftovers too. If you are one or two and don’t want to overindulge put a cork in the bottle and save for the left-overs; if you can resist.

Until the next wine…

EAT: Pimenton Shrimp with Toasted Fideo