Out of this World

The past couple of years have been strange, to say the least. As I muddled my way through the unknown, I turned to what comforted me and my family most – a good meal.  A lot of other people did the same, both out of necessity and boredom. With extra time on their hands they learned new skills in the kitchen, or rediscovered old ones, and fed both themselves and those sequestered with them.

We’ve now entered a strange new world where quality of life is near the top of the list and so is comfort. This gratin, stuffed with mushrooms and cheese and wrapped in thinly sliced potatoes, will improve your quality of life and provide comfort in the form of golden bubbly cheese and a house full of delicious aromas. 

A good gratin needs a good wine. Marcien delivers out of this world flavors of dried herb, bay leaf, soft plum and sour cherries. Marcien’s freshness cuts through the rich cheese and marries beautifully with the earthy mushrooms. It might make you sing, laugh or cry. I know it will definitely make your mouth water and ready it for the next bite of warm gooey deliciousness.

Serve the gratin as a light meal with a side of leafy greens or as a side dish for a roast chicken, beef or pork and enjoy!

Until the Next Wine….

EAT: Golden Potato and Mushroom Gratin