Just Blanc It…

Pleasure vs. perception!

You know the feeling… you walk into an elegant restaurant with your significant other, best friend, associate or potential business partner. As you take your seat, the maitre d’ hands you the leather bound wine list. Beads of sweat form on your brow. Thoughts race through your head: “Do I pick a known show dog wine with a high price… what message will that send? Are they going to think I am extravagant if I pick an expensive wine or cheap if I pick a wine of good value? What if it’s not as cool as I think? What about the food… what are they going to order and how am I going to pick a wine that will work with their food? Should I throw myself at the mercy of the somm?” 

I say “Blanc” it all… that’s right, forget about the “rules” and the expectations. Take that novella of a wine list and flip off – I mean, flip back a few pages to where the “other white” selections live and pick a Pinot Blanc. Forget about those expensive, unsatisfying Chardonnays and instead opt for a surprising selection that will not only start a conversation but will actually be a pleasure to drink with almost any dish on the menu.

The point is pleasure, not perception. Don’t let the wine get in the way of a good time… let it elevate the experience with the pure, unpretentious pleasure that is Pinot Blanc.

Rob Sinskey