Aromatic Beauty

I live by my nose. The scent of citrus blossoms carried by the slightest of breezes on a damp morning is like winning the lottery. While my keen sense of smell brings a vivid world full of scent to me, it is also useful for sniffing out gas leaks and foods past their prime; two things which make it potentially life-saving as well. What I love most about my ability to smell is the pleasure it allows me when enjoying a good meal. A good meal for me is full of heady aromatics in both the food I’m eating and the wine I’m drinking. The pleasure of sharing both together harmoniously sustains my mind and my taste buds. When I cook beautifully scented Persian food, like this rice dish, I get excited to pair it with one of our subtlety expressive wines. While Albaloo Polo would work with many of them, POV hits the mark and melds deliciously with the deep aromatics of the rice and lamb.

POV is stuffed with layer upon layer of aromatics that express themselves slowly over time. It is this slow expression that excites me most. POV doesn’t hit me over the head, it slowly intoxicates me with its scent. You smell the aromas of this rice dish before you see it. Aromas that will make you salivate before the first bite. The sour cherries in the rice pull out the captivating sour cherry notes from the brilliantly edged Merlot, while the dried herb scent of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon mingle with the delicate green herbs steamed into the rice. The crispy tangy tiny lamb meatballs round it out nicely. 

This is the way I love to eat and drink. I hope this meal captivates you in the same way.

Until the next wine…

EAT: Sour Cherry Rice with Herbs and Lamb Meatballs (Albaloo Polo)