Commander Zinskey Returns!

In a world of greed and corruption, an American superhero has emerged. He is on a quest to save the reputation of the real American grape. Commander Zinskey’s self imposed mission is to remove the rosé-colored glasses that blind the misguided, post-cold-war masses, with the message: “It is O.K. to be Red!” For years, the evil White Zin Supremacists have been infiltrating rural America. The W.Z.S. have convinced our poor, unsuspecting grape growers that their financial future resides with the public’s pathetic addiction to sugary, pink libations. Commander Zinskey must find and save the exploited Zinfandel vines before the White Zin Supremacists subvert the world… BUT CITIZENS BEWARE! Do not be lulled into a false sense of security. A new nemesis is threatening the Zinfandel vineyards of America – The Merlot Maniacs!

RSV has been growing, producing and bottling a classic Napa Valley Zinfandel since the early 90s. Beginning with the 2005 vintage, each label featured a new heroic scene inspired by a pre-WWII character from an illustrated sci-fi tale in Amazing Stories. Travel back in time for a glimpse of Commander Zinskey’s adventures saving the reputation of the true American grape!



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