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If the Upper Carneros is like the Right Bank the Stags Leap District is like the Left Bank of Napa. RSV has a small piece of land behind the winery where for the past twenty-five years weve been growing Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. We farm it organically using whole-farm practices. All input choices are natural and revolve around cover crops compost or whats left behind by the sheep. There is no reservoir so the vineyard gets very little water. Yeilds are very small at less than two tons to the acre. Here there is no instant gratification but a long term investment we observe how each year imprints itself on the fruit as well as on the finished wine and if necessary we make adjustments for the current season and a mental note for next years improvements. On harvest day the grapes will travel from the hill to the cellar where they are transformed from fruit to wine. Decisions are made based on observation with a focus on expressing what is there not someone elses ideal of what a Napa wine should be but whats best for this piece of land and the unique weather of the vintage. THE LEFT BANK OF NAPA Fine Wines. Organic Vines. 30