Pinot Blanc, Los Carneros, 2013 - Fulfilling aromas and flavors of fresh pears, apricots, casaba melon and a hint of mineral-like complexity complimented by tart notes of kaffir lime.

The freshness and brightness of RSV’s Pinot Blanc invigorates your palate with each sip after a bite of this creamy risotto.

POV is born in the vineyards. Each vintage, the twists and turns of nature are captured in the bottle - water, sunlight, and the rise and fall of temperature. POV is never paint by number and therein lies its beauty.

Fideo has the ability to deliciously capture what nature has provided and serve it forth in one pan.

Rich yet bright, this wine has an out of this (New) world character of plum, blackberry and cassis with a complex undercurrent of bay leaf, bramble and dark bitter sweet chocolate. This vintage of Marcien is a graceful, age-worthy wine.

These Herbed Chicken Meatballs are simple and delicious and serve as the perfect foil to the subtly complex Marcien.

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