A culmination of over 30 years of working with the rhythms of nature, learning the eccentricities of the grape and discovering how the two interact with place.

This vineyard, first planted by RSV over 30 years ago with heirloom selections and French clones, creates a wine with layers of complexity that many consider to be the most expressive Pinot Noir produced by RSV.

Like a native Californian, it is optimistic, gregarious and unapologetically of the New World with a luscious, jammy, ready-to-go kind of character. Capa is guaranteed to make you smile!

Can four vineyards, comprising nine selections (clones and heirlooms) of Pinot Noir, come together to create a great wine? RSV believes diversity creates complexity as each individual voice joins in harmony, adding rich and vibrant layers, to create one impressive wine.

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